How to Attach the Titanuim Tibby-Adapters to the older version of the Suunto D9:




Titanium is very easy to strip out threads...

We have changed the screws in our adapters to try and prevent this problem, so you have to use our suppied screws only, and a 2 MM Allan ket to install them.

Make sure you dont over tighten the screws when you attach them to the watch body, because if you do strip the threads, this will not be covered under the warranty.


However because mistakes are easy for anyone to make, we can arrange the sale of just one side of the adapters if you need one.

Just contact us by e-mail explain the problem, and we will help you out.

VERY Important notice!


I have been informed by one of the Tibby adapter owners that when he has sent his Suunto D9 in for Servicing, he didn’t remove the adapters himself

This may have caused a problem for him because the service tech that worked on his watch was unfamiliar with the adapters, and may have tried to use too much force or the wrong sized Allen key to remove the screws, and ended up stripping the screw heads.


PLEASE remember that a lot of people that work in the scuba industry have only received a minimal amount of training.

They are reasonably competent doing the few tasks that they have actually been taught to do, but something new can throw them off.


If you send your watch in for servicing, a battery change, whatever...

do yourself a favour and take the adapters off yourself, or get someone to look at the how to install page here so that you don’t end up using that OEM strap because your adapters are ruined.

Installing the New Titanium Tibby-Adapters for the Suunto D9

D9 Adapters Package contents

Package Contents

Suunto D9 Computer Strap Adapters Package contents
Suunto D9 Computer Strap Adapters Package contents unwrapped

Tools Needed:


  • A small 2mm Allen key to remove the old screws and install the new ones.
  • No need for any Thread locker. 
  • A small magnifying glass in case you mix up the old and new screws
  • Please remember: if you strip the Adapter body by over tightening the screws this will NOT be covered under the warranty!

However because a mistake is easy for anyone to make, if you do strip one of the Titanium Adapters, we can arrange for you to buy one side only of the set, yu wont need to buy the whole set again.

Both scre types, old and new

After you remove the old screws, you (with a Magnifying Glass) be able to tell the diffrence between the old and new screws.


You must make sure that you dont reuse the old screws.


The new ones ahve a smaller thread, that should give you more contact area and make them less easy to strip.


relabeled plastic bag

Separate the screws in to Old and New versions, label the small ziploc bag as "Old Screws" and use it to make sure you dont mix them up.

D9 with only one side replaced

Once you have removed the screws on one side are removed slip on the Tibby-Adapter and using the NEW Screws,

screw them on to the watch body.

Make sure that you only tighten them so that they are "Snug" and have no "play" in the Adapter.

Repeat the process for the second side.


I personally put a light coating of Crystolube on the hidden areas under the Adapter, this will protect the watch from any salt water that is difficult to rinse out.

A little Crystolube (Florinated grease) on a Toothbrush is the easiest because you only want a light protective coating.

how to attach the Zulu Band
threading the Tibby Adapters

Threading the strap:


You start from the bottom of the watch, and it should look like this:

Step 2:



Putt it through the top as well, but make sure you leave 3-4 MM of space between the bottom Adapter and the two Stainless rings on the Zulu strap so that it will sit correctly on the the wrist.

Step 3


Thread the top (Longer part) of the strap through the 2 Stainless rings on the bottom part of the strap, then attach to your wrist like you would any other strap

It should look like this when it's on your wrist.


Note the rethreading on the Buckle, if you do it like I do, it wont come off.