The New D9 Tibby-Adapters are in stock now,

due to increased costs in both manufacturing, and materials the price has gone up by $15.00 a set


remember that these are made one at a time on a 5 axis CNC Mill,

It's an expensive process, and the adapters and strap will probably outlast the watch your buying them for.

Which is a lot diffrent than the Original strap.

At the moment we have no plans on making a Tibby-Adapter for the Suunto D4 or the New D9 models.

Mainly due to the fact that the watch itself is made from a plastic, (on the D4) so to match the watch we would have to make an adapter from the same or better materials.

That would leave us with either a Plastic, or Ideally a Titanium adapter with a DLC type coating to match the colour.

Due to warranty concerns, we are hesitant to even try and design one to fit the D4's and the new D9 models as well


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VERY Important notice!


I have been informed by one of the Tibby adapter owners that when he has sent his Suunto D9 in for Servicing, he didn’t remove the adapters himself

This may have caused a problem for him because the service tech that worked on his watch was unfamiliar with the adapters, and may have tried to use too much force to remove the screws.


PLEASE remember that a lot of people that work in the scuba industry have only received a minimal amount of training.

They are reasonably competent doing the few tasks that they have actually been taught to do, but something new can throw them off.


If you send your watch in for servicing, a battery change, whatever...

do yourself a favour and take the adapters off yourself, or get someone to look at the how to install page here so that you don’t end up using that OEM strap because your adapters are ruined.

DOD Letter
DOD Letter

It looks like the Australian Navy is getting tired of losing their computers as well...



The Navy didnt want to wait the full 6 months for the evaluation, the made the first order after just about a week and a half!

Titanium Tibby-Adapters for the Suunto D9
Titanium Tibby-Adapters for the Suunto D9

January 20th, 2012

The first Titanium Tibby-Adapters for the Suunto D9

are ready for sale.

Remember that these only fit the older version of the D9,

not the newer D9i


If your tired of worrying about a broken strap and the loss of your watch

These are just what you have been looking for.

You can now change the OEM strap on your Suunto D9 for something better.


No more "home made" Cable tied Bungee cords

as your only other choice.


These High quality Titanium Tibby-Adapters will be the "Insurance" you need if you use this watch a lot.


We will even give them to you at an introductory price for the next while, so if you own a Suunto D9 (older model) buy these while they are new,

(Dont worry, they wont go up a lot anyway, but we thought for the first few weeks, we would give the people that have been following this website, and our facebook page a bit of a thank you for waiting discount, but even when we start charging the normal price, they wont be a lot more.)


They have started to arrive...


We have finally taken delivery of our first lot of Adapters, we have the worlds first adaptors for the Suunto D6's ready to ship.


The D9's will take a few more weeks, then it's on to newer models.

We also have a small stock of 22mm and 24mm ZULU type watch straps.

These are the 4 ring (not including the buckle) straps. you can find these on the web from other sites, but they are probably not as high of quality as these ones are.

17th October 2011

New Suunto D6 adapters to fit a heavy duty ZULU type 4 ring watch strap.

Packed in a Kit containing 2 Tibby Adapters, 4 spring bars (that's two spares) and one heavy duty NATO Type watch band, in either Black or Orange (colour prefrence needs to be stated at time of order, and depends on availability)

Also ZULU type watch bands, super heavy duty, both sewn and glued, these are in 22mm & 24mm Sizes.

Colours are Black and Orange for the 24mm, and Black only for the 22mm.

You can find our latest offers under Products.