Have you had problems with a Suunto Computer strap?

D6 / D6i Tibby Adapters
D6 / D6i Tibby Adapters

I traded a Suunto D6 Dive Computer for a Titanium Citizen dive watch.


Because I had broken 4 Suunto straps, and figured I didn't want to loose a fairly new and expensive Dive Computer.

Ok, so they replace them after they break for a couple of years,

(actualy only one year now)

Thats all well and good, but,

What happens if I had a situation where I could loose my computer while I'm in the water?

Buy a new computer?

So I asked myself the following questions:

Can I put on a better strap?

(The answer I had was No...)

Can I buy something better?

(Again No...)

But for you,

The answer is YES!

Have a look at our Products  and broken straps are a thing of the past


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