NEW Shipping Policies

Due to all the E-mails about shipping that I get,

I have deicide to give this it's own page...



Shipping of Tibby-Adapters is included in the cost of the Products

We will ship pretty much anywhere and there will be no extra costs to you the customer, as long as your happy with "Registered Air Mail" parcel post you will pay nothing extra to get your adapters.


Only a couple stipulations, First is that I can’t control how fast the adapters travel through different postal services.


Second is that:

once they arrive at the "SUVARNABHUMI MAIL CENTRE"

we are no longer responsible  for the Packages.

We have had other mail systems lose packages, and we have so far replaced them, but without a substantial price increase in the adapters, we cant afford to do that any more.

So if there is a chance that yours may be

lost, delayed or even stolen,

and if you don't opt for the EMS mailing service. your out of luck 


We will ship anywhere you like as long as your PayPal address is the one registered to your Account, if you have an unconfirmed Account on PayPal, or wish it shipped somewhere other than the confirmed address, we may refuse to complete the sale.

In that case, you would have your money refunded in full, so instead of a million e-mails asking if I will ship to places like the Philippines, or Brazil, you can just click the PayPal "Buy Now" button if you would like to have a set.

If there is a problem with shipping to your location, we will e-mail you to resolve the problem so that we can try to work it out.

Or if for some reason we don’t want to ship to your destination, we will give you a full refund within 24 hours.