Tibby-Adapters "Dural" Zulu straps

The Black  5 ring Zulu straps have arrived!!!

You wont find a tougher thicker strap anywhere!

Tibby straps, in 30 CM + 45CM
Just arrived, Tibby straps, in 30 CM + 45CM
three 24mm Zulu straps
All three 24mm "Dural" Zulu straps

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(Now only available in Black, Sorry)


Heavy duty Zulu type 5 ring 

 Length 30cm / 45cm

USD $25.00 / $30.00


Tibby-Adapters "Dural" straps

incl. international registered airmail shipping

(Now only available in Black, Sorry)






45cm/18" Zulu strap
45cm/18" Zulu strap


NEW 45cm/18" Zulu strap for drysuit use

Cost: $30.00 USD


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Incl. international registered airmail shipping

These heavy duty woven nylon straps with brushed stainless steel buckle  and strap keepers (2.5mm thick) are fully lock-stitched & Glued, with heat sealed holes.


This material we are using is almost twice as thick as your average Nylon watch band.